Marina Facilities

At Barton Marina you will find a full range of services to meet your needs.

Our facilities include:

The Waterfront Pub

Fantastic range of retail shops

  • Secure long term car parking
  • Security gates with pin access code
  • Water to all jetties
  • Full disabled and baby facilities
  • Toilets and showers
  • Full docking-repair and boat yard services
  • Full length jetties
  • Elsan & refuse disposal
  • Diesel/gas/coal
  • Pump out
  • Laundry with washer/dryer
  • Brokerage
  • Marine Insurance

The Electricity is metered

Mooring Prices

Barton Marina mooring fees from 1st January until 31st December 2016*

We believe in transparent pricing: what you see is what you pay. We do not charge the hidden fees, account set-up or administration charges that so many other marinas have a bad reputation for. If you are comparing our prices with our competitors please make sure they are being honest with you. Our service charge includes; VAT, water, car parking for one vehicle, toilets, showers and Elsan disposal. Live-Aboard charge also includes the facility to receive post whilst your mooring fees are up-to date.

We welcome enquiries from residential boaters and over-winter only residential visitors. We will consider applications for live-aboard use aboard wide-beam boats but please be aware we are situated on a narrow canal and any vessels over 7ft wide will not get out of the marina.

There is also very limited availability for commercial and shop boat moorings, which would need to be discussed in conjunction with the British Waterways Board.

Moorings are charged on actual berths occupied not the footage of your boat – maximum overhang allowed is 4ft.

* VAT is calculated at 20% and price adjustments will be made if the rate increases.

Electricity is metered

Visitor’s and Short Term Moorings

You are welcome to call in and moor along the promenade to use The Waterfront Pub, shops or marina laundry facilities for a maximum of 4 hours, beyond that time you will be required to pay the daily rate for visitor’s moorings. You can also use the canal-side moorings on the Barton Marina side of the canal outside the marina if you prefer. The same 4 hour time limit applies there with strictly no overnight mooring.

The current rates for short term mooring is £10.00 per night. Electricity top up cards can be purchased from the marina office.

Please try to contact us ahead of arrival to check availability

Telephone: 01283 711666

Fax: 01283 711555


Download our latest Terms & Conditions & Mooring Prices

Non Residential – Mooring Prices from 1st January 2016*

Berth Weekly Monthly Quarterly Annually
70ft £58.15 £277.20 £756.00 £2873.00
60ft £49.85 £237.60 £648.00 £2462.00
50ft £41.54 £198.00 £540.00 £2052.00
40ft £33.23 £158.40 £432.00 £1642.00
33-37ft £29.08 £138.60 £378.00 £1437.00
Up to 25ft* £20.77 £99.00 £270.00 N/A

* VAT is calculated at 20% and price adjustments will be made if the rate increases.

Residential – Mooring Prices from 1st January 2016*, limited and by arrangement only

Berth Weekly Monthly Quarterly Annually
70ft £60.58 £288.75 £787.50 £2992.50
60ft £51.92 £247.50 £675.00 £2565.00
50ft £43.27 £206.25 £562.50 £2137.50
40ft £34.62 £165.00 £450.00 £1710.00

* VAT is calculated at 20% and price adjustments will be made if the rate increases.

Boats For Sale

For further information on boats for sale, to arrange viewing or discuss the sale of your own boat, please contact Great Haywood Boat Sales on 01889 881960.

Being easily accessible and a major local tourist destination Barton Marina has an unrivaled number of visitors. Our very busy website is collecting enquiries from all over the world. Despite the recession we have seen a sharp rise in customer numbers over winter and are looking forward to being of service to you in spring. We believe in straight-forward and clear pricing throughout our business. We are happy to discuss advertising your boat for sale even if you don’t moor with us.