StrEAT Food Socials


We have arranged the next street food extravaganza and will keep you posted on any new guidance issued by the government.

Next Date: Easter Weekend 3rd /4th April 2021

Barton Marina works with some amazing food traders around the UK. Every trader that comes on site is vetted to ensure that customers not only get a wide range of cuisines to choose from, but at an affordable price, too. StrEATFood socials are open to all food enthusiasts with a genuine passion for food.

If you are not looking for the usual dining experience then come along and try StrEAT Food Socials on site.  We strip back the frills and fanciness in our wonderful grounds with ample social distancing, picnic blanket areas, COVID19-compliant guidelines, hand sanitising stations… and the main thing being PHENOMENAL FOOD! As usual, these are family events, we
can’t wait to see everyone

We’ll see you there – keep your eyes peeled for more!

Free entry – Families welcome